Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) is a non-profit organization based in Lahore that represents the most vulnerable Pakistani prisoners facing the harshest punishments, at home and abroad.

In the past one decade, JPP has worked through a number of cases.Some of the cases were one of the kind as they had zero procedural proceedings. As a result, they had created a number of flows and procedures for such cases. Now to further expand the scope, they decided to turn the whole process between a lawyer and a client digitized.

Frizhub started working with JPP once they has a vision for the app. To achieve the vision, an extensive research was performed. A number of interviews were conducted by JPP to understand the gaps between the lawyers and the clients. The interviews combined with the initial vision created “Access to Justice”.

Access to justice is a marketplace applications where clients can create their cases ad these cases are then proposed to certain lawyers. the pairing is done through different criteria such as location, expertise, type of fees etc.

Once a lawyer is assigned a case, according to the case requirements, a certain checklist is creates. the lawyer is required to complete all steps in the checklist for successful presentation. The case files has all the documents that can be completed simply by answering case specific questions. A set of questions is provided which are translates into JPP templates. As soon as the lawyer closes the case, the client can rate the lawyer. the rating improves chances to get more cases.

All the data collected through the app is translated into the admin panel. The admin panel is a web app where the admin can monitor all new cases, clients, lawyers and the data is then published in the fo of analytics.