Frizhub worked collaboratively with the clients to create Contanuity. It is a two part solution which integrates multiple databases and machine learning to create accurate target. As the first page, multiple APIs were attached or scraped to create more than 40 million leads. these leads were then further gone through extensive machine learning and data science to evaluate their interests in each of the market

A number of interviews ,requirement gathering sessions and research led to the design. The design was translated into a web portal by using cutting edge technologies. Another challenge was to swiftly render millions of contacts in a single hit. As a result, Node JS and Angular was used to enhance the performance.

the leads are assessed through machine learning and data manipulation to understand the type of market sectors and products they are interested in. These leads are further enhanced through filters based on interests in certain markets. The resulted leads can be used in email marketing funnel which is part of the system.

As a result, a user can create a target market by using 13 filters and over 100 parameters to create a list. The list can then be further contacted through marketing pipeline. Contanuity serves as a one stop solution from generating leads to getting in touch with them and finally turning them into a customer through the app